SAILBOAT RENTAL already from HUF 26,000/day including VAT!
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SAILBOAT RENTAL already from HUF 26,000/day including VAT!

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At the beginning of 2009, Hungarian owners established  EASTCRAFT Experience sailing Ltd., in order to provide a quality lifestyle by reviving lake sailing tourism. We would like to reacquaint everyone with the beauty of the unfairly forgotten “Hungarian sea”, Lake Balaton. Sailing life demands a different philosophy from the fans of this sport, in addition to giving you freedom it requires discipline, while at the same time it continuously provides unforgettable moments.

Our goal is to increase sailing standards and sailboat rental on Lake Balaton, which nowadays is less popular.  We offer an alternative to purchasing a boat by offering quality rentals You are able to rent a sail boat for 15-20 days for the price of the annual berth and service fee.  This is plenty of time if we take into consideration that we have 20-30 holidays each year.

The question is, why are we  shopping for sail boats, and why are we keeping it up so expensively year by year? Why don’t we just concentrate on the experience of sailing and spend the money on that?

The answer is simple: Nowadays, Lake Balaton does not have a suitable sailboat rental alternative opposed to purchase because there has not been a high-quality rentable sailboat on Lake Balaton so far.

Our company Fleet consists of the following 11 rentable sailboats from  2011: 6 with equally equipped Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i; 1-1 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 30i, 33i; 1  SUN FAST 3200; 1-1 Beneteau Oceanis 34 és 37.


Our sail boats’ interior equipment is designed to serve families and/or companies of friends of up to 4-12  persons at the highest quality and standards. At the same time, an SO 36i or Beneteau OC 34/37 sail boat, with a maximum capacity of 12, is also ideal for team-building programmes. We can even organise sailing events for 120 persons simultaneously.

Our sail boat fleet is docked at the highest quality port of Lake Balaton: KENESE MARINA-PORT, in Balatonkenese. In addition to rental services, we are at Your disposal with family-friendly programmes, wellness services, high standard accommodation and conference rooms.
Since January 2011 we organise sailing training and sailing courses at our accredited sailing school in Budapest and at Lake Balaton.

If we have caught Your interest, You are kindly requested to register on our website. We can provide information to You about our charter services and sail boat rental terms in detail following a quick registration!



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