SAILBOAT RENTAL already from HUF 26,000/day including VAT!
Allowance of up to 18% if you book through the internet!
Sailboat rental in the web. Electronic payment allowance!
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SAILBOAT RENTAL already from HUF 26,000/day including VAT!

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Magyar Vitorlás Szövetség Balaton Regatta BL Apartments & Yachtclub AdexYachting Kft - Jeanneau Magyarország
Ungarischer Segelverband Balaton Regatta BL Apartments & Yachtclub AdexYachting Kft. - Jeanneau Ungarn
Prima Yacht & Holiday - hajóbérlés Mediterran Yacht Charter sBoats yacht charter directory  sBoats yacht charter directory 
Prima Yacht & Holiday Charter Mediterran Yacht Charter Fix Yachting sBoats yacht charter directory - luxury yacht charter and sailing vacations worldwide
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