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I. Useful advices for sailboat rental


All Eastcraft’s boats are non-smoking.
Smoking is forbidden in the cabins (including the toilets).
Smoking is only allowed in the cockpit area.
Put your cigarette butt’s in the ashtrays.
Be careful with burning cigarettes so as not to harm your partner or the boat.
If someone smokes in the cabin there will be a deduction from your deposit.


Only soft sole shoes are allowed on board.
Absolutely no high heel shoes allowed.


Children are not allowed to use pens, pencils or paint on board. They can cause damage to the furniture and/or boat. If the sofa is damaged we will deduct from your deposit the cost of replacing the entire covering.


Taking and using personal care products is permitted, however they must be secured adequately. All other chemicals are forbidden on board including pesticides. We ensure insect control with appropriate chemicals provided by us.


Only house broken pets are allowed on board. All pets are forbidden to sleep on the bed. Place the animal’s bed in the cockpit or saloon area.



All toilets have running water. The placing of paper and other hygiene and feminine products in the toilets is prohibited. Wastebaskets are located next to the toilets. If septic fails to drain due to inappropriate products being placed into the toilet the cost of repair will be deducted from our deposit.


Be careful with your valuables. Our boats can be locked with a key. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Be careful when dining that hot plates, pots, and pans or drinks do not cause damage. Always store drinks the proper holders.


Protect yourself from harmful UV, use suntan lotion, and bring appropriate clothing for cooler weather.


Place all trash in the receptacles provided.

Keep the boat clean at all times, the cost of excess cleaning upon return will be deducted from your deposit.


Upon the handover of the sail boat, the Lessor and the Lessee shall jointly record the equipment list of the sail boat, which shall include the major parts and equipment of the sail boat, and any defects and deficiencies to be found on the sail boat. Upon takeover, our colleagues shall endeavour to inspect each sail boat with utmost care, so that any potential defects and deficiencies found would not represent a disadvantage for the next Lessee. Therefore, we request everyone to dedicate sufficient time to the handover process, to help reveal all deviations, because the defects not recorded may result in the withdrawal of the deposit upon take-back. 



Before leaving for the sailing trip, please make certain that you have all your documents and your skipper’s license with you. EASTCRAFT shall be obliged to check these documents at the letting of the sail boat, and shall only be able to issue the Rental Agreement based on that. If the required documents are not available, then unfortunately we shall not be able to authorise the leaving of the port. We are unable to repay the down payment of a holiday cancelled due to that. During sailing the following documents shall be required: Shipping Bill, Shipping License, Rental Certification, Logbook, Rental Agreement. The Shipping Bill shall only be made available to our Clients in the form of a certified copy, which shall be handed over together with the Rental Agreement. The keeping of a Logbook is obligatory in the case of sail boats subject to charter traffic.



Upon the issue of the sail boat, we shall deliver a lot of information to our Lessees. If you rent one of our sail boats for the first time, then we intend to provide the special knowledge and information required for steering the boat in the form of a short test trip. This test trip shall be suitable for the efficient delivery of all information to you, not only with regard to the sail boat, but also the shipping routes and mooring.























































II. General etiquette regarding sailing 

The traditions of sailing as a sport are strong, its traditions reach back to historical times. The preservation of these traditions is also part of this “game”. The etiquette established mainly follow the British way of thinking. Part of these rules is also incorporated into the rules of sailing/shipping, and other rules are applied by us as unwritten ones (etiquette). Non-compliance with these rules shall not entail any penalty, however we need to consider that we might cause inconvenience to others. 
Sail “in style”, let sailing be a celebration, let us distinguish the time we spend on water from daily routine!

(EastCraft Team)



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